Lead in Pewter

Lead in Pewter

23rd Sep 2021

We get asked quite often is there lead in your pewter, the simple answer is no and yes.

Early pewter, as explained above, did contain lead.

Older pewter with higher lead content tend to be heavier, tarnish faster, and oxidation gives them a darker silver-grey color or grayish-black patina.

People became aware of the dangers of lead in items that were to be used for food and drink in about the 1920's.

Lobbies to regulate lead in pewter were successful.

Founded in 1958,the APG (American Pewter Guild) lobbied congress to create a regulation that any pewter item used for food or drink must be lead free.

The APG was successful and this regulation came to pass in the 1960's. Some of the Guild's founding members were Boardman, Danforth, and Woodbury Pewter - manufacturers that we have worked with for years. Pieces were often marked - ATC (Antimony, Tin and Copper), signifying no lead content.

Here at Thomas Dale Co., you can be assured that we sell only lead free pewter. If you have any other questions about our pewter products, including about materials and processes, we are happy to help. You can contact our representatives by emailing us here.

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