Could Pewter be Your Next Family Heirloom?

22nd Nov 2021

How can keepsakes be part of tradition?

Families around the world have traditions that endure for generations. Many of these traditions surround events and/or activities, such as special holidays and particular meals, or the way in which meals are cooked. Much like small children in the kitchen watching parents and grandparents cook, each generation walks away from a tradition with a feeling of belonging, and with the knowledge that he or she is a part of a predictable and comforting legacy.

Being connected to something that is a tradition is critical for children as it helps to connect them to a greater “whole” and can lead to a more fulfilling life that includes empathy with others and connectiveness to other humans. As we honor traditions, we learn to honor ourselves and each other.

Some families include special items, such as silverware, art, and/or jewelry as part of their traditions. Some of these items may be passed down for many generations, along with the stories behind how they were first obtained, or what they meant to ancestors or relatives. These traditional keepsakes, much like all other traditions, by natural order, will outlive our family members and will be kept alive by those who feel the connection to rituals and ceremony.

Why are our keepsakes and heirlooms so important to us?

People honor and carry-on family traditions because they bring meaning to celebrations and help to foster special bonds. More importantly, traditions create positive experiences and memories for everyone by nurturing a family's connection and giving them a sense of belonging and well-being. Familiar items, such as a family heirloom or keepsake, can help maintain that sense of connection with something tangible and something that can spark the best of memories.

Establishing and maintaining family traditions is a way for families to connect to one another as well as way for people to bond with their past. Family heirloom traditions are no different.

Do heirlooms need to be expensive to be valued?

You do not need to spend a fortune to create keepsakes that are handed down through families. Nor do heirlooms and keepsakes need to be made from gold or painted by major artists. A keepsake should be more of a token of your family and the traditions created over time. Keepsakes can be made part of family celebrations, such as the special fruit bowl or candy dish that is filled with seasonal goods during special holidays. Or the fine goblets that are filled with wassail or hot cider on Christmas day.

Keepsake items don't have to represent wealth to become cherished heirlooms, they are priceless pieces that mean something special to family members.

Handcrafted pewter can be your next family heirloom.

Many of the fine, handcrafted pewter items we carry at Thomas Dale Co. are sure to become just that, special keepsake items that are passed down through generation after generation. Our beautiful collections of pewter, from England, Austria, Germany and right here in America, represent the perfect qualities for heirloom pieces. When engraved with family names or monograms, they can mean even more as they evoke special memories and stories of times past.

Pewter Rubin Wine Set

Heirloom Quality Pewter Rubin Wine Set by Artina. German Pewter

Pewter Chippendale Tray - 9 in.

Classic Keepsake Quality Chippendale Style Tray by Salisbury, Made in USA.

Whether you are starting your own collection of fine, keepsake items, or looking to give a gift that will be used for generations, Thomas Dale Co. pewter, as well as sterling silver and crystal, offers the best options available. Our in-house engraving capabilities ensure quality personalization, and quick turnaround. Contact one of our knowledgeable representatives today with any questions you may have about our pewter products. Or simply order directly online from our vast selection of quality, keepsake gifts.